Monday, October 8, 2007

Karunanidhi - Politician dare enough to speak on Ram Sethu / Sethusamudram

Karunanidhi – A CM dare enough to express his thoughts (on Ram’s existence)!!

Freedom of speech forms the basis of any democracy. But, it shouldn’t hurt the sentiments of other people!!
Thought I am not supporting the way that Karunanidhi had questioned the existence of RAM, I am not against him either.

I can interpret one thing from this for sure.
Irrespective of the risk of losing his votes from (82% - Hindus in TN) the people of his state, he is dare enough to express his thoughts.
This kind of behaviour from an 83 year only man is amazing.
I am completely against the secular politics played from the Dravidian founders.

But, I am also surprised by the fact his open I challenge to Advani didn’t get any response.
Karunanidhi is an experienced political player; one should remember that TN is the first state where a regional party won the election in 1967.
After questioning the existence of RAM, he also replied saying that he didn’t say anything other than what Valmiki mentioned.
I am pretty sure he know what he talks about unlike the BJP and VHP leaders who argues without reading Ramayana or being spiritual.

The so-called Ram Bhaktha’s burned a bus in TN-Karnataka border taking the lives of 2 people.
These types of dramatic scenes are never going to end in India.
Leaders like Karunanidhi will trigger the hatred buried in the minds of the people.

Now the question comes to the so called Ram-Bhaktha’s.
A party whose leader is the backbone of destroying Babur Masjid has no right to speak over preserving a Hindu heritage site.
The bridge was not called Rama’s bridge until the Sethusamudram project was announced. It was called Adam’s bridge.
Adam’s bridge was linked to Ram’s bridge in Ramayana after the VHP and BJP made use of it to play the dirty game of politics.

It is proved that, this very own BJP leaders approved the Sethusamudram project.
Why did they bother to approve the project that if it is going to destroy the RAM built bridge?
And we Indians are foolish enough to follow something without any basis.
Why didn’t any of the Hindus consider that to be sacred place before this issue popped up?
Oh, Man!! I am just tried of watching Indians fight for something so silly without even analysing it.

Anyway, now it has become such a huge issue. It will be taken up with a vengeance on both sides.
UPA government on the other hand is smart enough to dismiss the ASI employees for telling the scientific findings.
This is just a mere drama to get the votes of Hindus.

What I also noticed was there was a sudden increase in the number of blogs that cropped up in relation to this issue.
Most of them are biased and they believe it should be protected.

I can’t express such a view for this issue, as I don’t seem to understand the benefits nor the issues (ecological) it would cause.
But, I would like tell people, asking to preserve the bridge to honestly ask for themselves the following questions:

1. Why BJP approved such a project in the first place and now opposing it? Why wasn’t it such an issue when it approved it?
2. How many Bhaktha’s of RAM would have visited the sacred site?
3. Why wasn’t the name RAM SETHU or Ram’s bridge mentioned in any Indian map if it was the belief of 80% of the Indian population? Why didn’t anyone raise their voice against it?
4. If the bridge is 17 millions years old, then why there is no human existence in this subcontinent during that period?

Anyway, heard enough crap from well educated people regarding this without any justifiable answer.
But, in my opinion we Indians just carried away my emotions and it is easy for politicians (Be it Karunanidhi or BJP or VHP) to make use of it.
And, unfortunately we are paying the price for electing such politicians and being victimized.

For now, let us watch the game with patience!!


S. Kalyanaraman said...

Maps ! See them in Schwarzberg's South Asia Atlas (Univ. of Chicago). Setu IS renamed Adam's bridge. For 8000 pages of evidence, visit

Best wishes in your search for satyam.

Anonymous said...

priya didhi why you are breaking your head on all these issues sitting in Australia?

Karunanidhi is more than 80 years old , he has made wealth enough for 4 generations, he has married 4 times, nicely enjoyed life, whether lives or dies he himself does not bother, so he does what he likes,

Nagesh M said...

A fitting reply for Karunanidhi would have been to ask him in which college he studied Political Science to become Chief Minister. Karunanidhi is a school dropout. But has studied extensively and a good orator. He is a crafty and cunning politician. However the people voicing against the project are none the better. Objecting on sentimental grounds is not acceptable. A valid reason for protest would be it is not beneficial to the nation. Moreover the local fishermen will be affected. Ramayana and Mahabharatha are mere epics. The characters are fictitious yet deified. Resemblance of names of existing structures with those found in epics is coincidental. Mere resemblance does not make them real. Arguments will go on forever and will never end. Evidences for and against will galore but no conclusion will be reached. Those who demolish Masjids and torch churches have no qualification to object to disturbance of natural formation. It is hypocrisy. Economic viability and benefits of a project must be studied and decision on the course of action may be taken.

Priya said...

Hi Nagesh,

That's very true. Both BJP and DMK are just targeting the vote bank. But, even educated Indians are easily being victimized by these idiots. That's what upsets me.
But, to me athiest party is better than pro-Hindu(as they will supress the minority) party.